Information About Half Day of Mindfulness, July 10, 2016

Basics About The Half Day of Mindfulness , The Art of Suffering, July 10, 2016

Please read beforehand.

Beginning: We will gather at Simply Dunn, Downsville Wisconsin, 3:00-3:30 to give ourselves time to settle in, slow down, and relax. You can either place your cushion for meditation on the floor or choose one of the chairs. You are welcome to explore the lovely gardens and paths before we begin.

Sitting Meditation Tips: Sitting on the floor – It’s best to sit relaxed, keeping the spine straight. If you plan to sit on the floor you need meditation cushions. There are several ways to sit, but it is important that your knees touch the floor (actually the top of the cushion) and you should feel comfortable and at ease. And it is fine to move to a chair during the day.

Sitting in a chair your back should be straight and your feet should firmly touch the floor. Sitting in a chair is often a very good choice simply because you will be comfortable and your mind will not be distracted by pain (ouch). If you are sitting on a chair and have back problems, you might want to bring a pillow for your back. If you think that your feet might not reach the floor, you might also enjoy a pillow under your feet so you can sit with feet firmly placed.

Here is a link to several sitting postures.

Noble Silence: A Day of Mindfulness is a wonderful opportunity to leave behind our usual distracted minds and to maintain noble silence and mindfulness throughout the day. During break times, we will maintain noble silence as well. Please refrain from reading or looking at devices. When distracted, come back to the present moment. Enjoy your undistracted, calm, settled mind.

Potluck Dinner: Please bring a simple vegetarian dish to share. Refrigeration space is limited, so you should bring perishables in a cooler. We will have hot water and a choice of tea. Simply Dunn provides dishes and cutlery.

Mindful Eating: We will practice eating meditation during dinner and eat mindfully in silence. When you eat, be mindful of the sight, taste, smell, sound, texture of your food. Savor each bite before taking the next one. Just as in your sitting meditation, when your mind wanders from your eating, gently bring it back.

Directions to The Schoolhouse at Simply Dunn in Downsville.

Location – Downsville, WI

Questions? Contact Marion at or 715-235-5686.

With Palms Together,
Red Cedar Buddha Sangha

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