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Summer Schedule

Red Cedar Buddha Sangha – Summer 2016 Schedule

Sangha meets 5:45 – 8:00. All meeting begin with sitting and walking meditation.

During the months of July- August, Sangha will be discussing the Glassman/Fields’ book, “Instructions to the Cook,” focusing on a different section each week. We will conclude our discussion with a return to the original “Instructions to the Cook” by Dogen.

Please feel welcome to attend even if you don’t have a chance to do the reading.

July 24 – “The First Course:” Recipes for Spirit.”

July 31 – “The Second Course: Recipes for Learning”

Aug. 7 – “The Third Course: Recipes for Livelihood”

Aug. 14 – “The Fourth Course: Recipes for Social Change”

Aug. 21 – “The Fifth Course: Recipes for Community”

Aug. 28 – Dogen’s “Tenzo Kyokun” (Instructions to the Cook; see below for links to two translations)

Summer Study: Dogen & Glassman

Beginning this Sunday, July 17, Red Cedar Buddha Sangha will be studying two very inspiring and, we hope, helpful writings. The first is Dogen’s Tenzo Kyokun, Instructions to the Cook. Dogen is a great 13th c. Zen master. His not very long essay uses cooking as a metaphor for how we should live our lives. On the 17th, Warren will give a brief overview of the essay. We’ve included two links to translations of the Tenzo Kyokun.

On following weeks we will read and discuss Zen teacher Bernard Glassman and Rick Field’s “Instruction’s to the Cook,” a contemporary interpretation of Dogen’s essay based on the way Glassman used the ingredients in his life, to cook (create) a life of engaged work with the poor.

The book by Glassman and Fields is available used and new from Amazon and, no doubt, elsewhere. You can find a number of used copies for a penny plus postage ($3.99) on Amazon. It may be available through library systems as well. Intra-sangha loans can also be worked out.

We’ll probably plan a cooking session as a sangha event. What’s in your refrigerator right now?

What’s in your life right now?

As always, we will practice sitting and walking meditation and have a social break followed by the study of Dogen and Glassman.

Links to translations of Dogen’s Tenzo Kyokun (Instructions to The Cook):