Sangha Schedule

2020-2021 Fall-Winter Calendar

Red Cedar Buddha Sangha

Meeting Time – Gather: 6:25 – Practice:6:30 – 8:15

Each meeting begins by sharing how we have arrived followed by a 30 minute meditation

September – December – Eight Fold Path using series of You Tube talks by Brother Phap Hai

January Discussion of Heart Sutra based on The Other ShoreA New Translation of the Heart Sutra with Commentaries, Thich Nhat Hahn, Parallax Press. Bookends on Main can order for you

September 20       The Practice of Right View

September 27      The Practice of Right Thought

October 4             Outdoor Walking at Simply Dunn

October 11          The 5 Earth Touchings or alternate day for outdoor walking

October 18          The Practice of Right Speech

October 25          Five Mindfulness Trainings Recitation and Discussion

November 1        The Practice of Right Action

November 8     The Practice of Right Livelihood

November 15        Gatha (practice poems) Practice – reading and sharing 

November 22        Practice of Right Effort

November 29        No Sangha – Thanksgiving 

December 6          Practice of Right Mindfulness Contemplation on 5 Mindfulness Trainings recitation

December 13       Practice of Right Concentration

December 20       Solstice Tea

December 27       No Sangha – Christmas

January 3               New Year’s Aspiration Ceremony

January 11              The Five Earth Touchings

January 18              Discussion of “The Other Shore”

January 25              Discussion of “The Other Shore”

January 31              Discussion of “The Other Shore”