Sangha Schedule 2022 – 2023

All meetings are from 3:45 PM to 5:30 PM. We gather at 3:45 PM and invite the bell at 4:00 PM. For meetings using ZOOM link, please contact Warren, at, 715-235-5686.

Feb 19ZOOM & In personDharma sharing:  How do I live in mindfulness? What are my day to day practices? Chant the Heart Sutra at end of meeting (Rita), beginning with sharing the merit.
Feb 26ZOOM & In personIntroduce mindfulness practice: Loving EyesDharma sharing: Seeing the world with loving eyes
Mar 5ZOOM & In person Discuss ‘Loving Eyes’ practice. Discuss ’24 Hours – New Day’ practice.
Mar 12 ZOOM & In personFirst Realization – Brother Phap Hai video. Introduction of the Eight Realizations of Great Beings (in Two Treasures, Thich Nhat Hanh) and Brother Phap Hai video ( begin at minute 34:35:00)
Mar 19ZOOM & In person5 Mindfulness Trainings with a focus on the 1st mindfulness training: Reverence for Life, Introduce mindfulness practice, Just Three Breaths
Mar 26ZOOM & In person
Dharma sharing: Just Three Breaths
April 2ZOOM & In person2nd Realization – Brother Phap Hai video, Introduce mindfulness practice, “Defining & Defending”.
April 9No MeetingEASTER

April 16

ZOOM & In person

Dharma sharing: Defining & Defending.
April 23ZOOM & In personTouching the Earth –
April 30ZOOM & In person5 Mindfulness Trainings with a focus on the 2nd mindfulness training: True Happiness
May 7 ZOOM & In personBuddha’s birthday celebration – life of the Buddha
Introduce mindfulness practice: The Great Earth Beneath Your Feet
May 14No MeetingMother’s Day
May 21ZOOM & In personA Mindfulness Practice: The Great Earth Beneath Your Feet
May 28 No MeetingMemorial Day Weekend
June 4 ZOOM & In person3rd Realization – Br. Phap Hai video
June 11ZOOM & In personMindful Walk and Meal – Diana’s house
June 18No MeetingFather’s Day